May 30, 2017

5 ways to bring Enjoy Not Destroy to your communities

1 Email your MP and ask if they would be willing to sign the Enjoy Not Destroy declaration.

2 Hold a #conservationconversations evening! Get people together in your lounge to share their favourite memories from New Zealand’s precious conservation areas. You can then jump on our website and share some of these stories and pictures, this means our voices can grow louder together and we can be heard all across Aotearoa NZ!

3 If you are lucky enough to have some conservation land in your area, why not organise a short tramp? Send us the photos hello@enjoynotdestroy and tag us on Facebook!

4 Share your own favourite conservation experience or memory on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Don’t forget to hashtag it #enjoynotdestroy

5 Ask your MP to meet you at their favourite local conservation spot and write up their story for our Enjoy Not Destroy stories page!