It’s time for positive change….

This is my home. Karangahake Gorge. My mountain, our community’s mountain. An area which brings visitors from far and wide to enjoy one of NZ’s most humbling spots. This area is alive and teaming with wildlife, people come to replenish themselves and rejuvenate in the weekends or their holidays. It’s a precious gem to peoples hearts.

What people forget is that the Earth can and will survive without us on this planet. What we are now conserving is human survival. If we keep stripping our resources then we as humans can’t survive. We don’t need more gold on this planet. We need clean water, fresh air and clean non polluted soil to grow food.

Economy will very soon no longer be about gold but will be about providing for a growing population. This is not hippy nonsense this is common sense.

To keep minimising protected areas is not forward thinking and certainly not looking forward to economic recovery. The gorge is currently flourishing for small businesses as a holiday destination. To now bring pollution, noise, trucks and dangerous mining to the area is irresponsible and narrow minded.